Lalitpur Falcons Team Members


Lalitpur Falcons is a Women’s Cricket Franchisee team owned and operated by Lalitpur Patriots International Pvt. Ltd, the same Sports Management Company that also owns Lalitpur Patriots, the Men’s Cricket Franchisee team. The owners are Mr. Kishore Maharjan and Mrs. Srijana Joshi Maharjan, very known in the banking and media fraternity respectively. Lalitpur Falcons shall be competing with five other franchisee teams for the first edition of Women’s Championship League schedule for September 2019.

With the increasing popularity and subsequent growth in the standard of cricket amongst  women, coupled with outstanding results in the international competitions in recent times by the Nepali National Women’s Cricket team, Lalitpur Patriots International Pvt. Ltd. has taken upon itself to contribute to the development of the game; not only among the men but amongst the women cricketers as well. This endeavor is certainly praiseworthy and encourages others to do the same.

The idea of sponsoring a Women’s team and making financial provisions for the players is to not only promote women’s cricket in Nepal but also advocate issues related to women empowerment. Considering the fact that women related issues can be effectively disseminated through sports and  sporting activities, the whole concept of social advocacy has an abundant amount of prospect for growth and development. Furthermore, Lalitpur Falcons shall be competing in tournaments and competitions, providing ample opportunities for women cricketers to hone their skills and equip them to compete internationally.   


  • Assist in the overall development of Women’s Cricket in Nepal which has great potential
  • Provide decent financial remuneration to Women cricketers which otherwise have been neglected.
  • Provide a sustainable platform for women talents.
  • Create a structure for Nepali women players to grow together.
  • Bridge sponsors, investors with Women’s cricket.
  • Join different facets of society for development of women cricket.
  • Increase investment in Nepali Women’s Cricket from the private sector.
  • Hone and provide exposure to Nepali Women cricketers.
  • To promote and raise awareness of social initiatives through cricket.
  • Promote Nepali Women’s cricket in Nepal and globally.